About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote responsible off/on road cycling through education and to advocate for quality trail systems by creating alliances. 

Our Purpose

  • LAMBAT is a non-profit educational association whose purpose is to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for bicycling and recreational users in Becker County, Minnesota and to create a recreational friendly community through cycling awareness, safety advocacy and promotion of bicycling, hiking, and recreation for fun, fitness and transportation. LAMBAT seeks to preserve, protect, and promote trail access and diverse opportunities on Minnesota’s public and private lands through education, communication, unified action and by creating alliances.

Help Us Achieve

  • The future of recreational use.
  • Promotion of responsible trail building, riding, maintenance and preservation of trails
  • Educate cyclists and non-cyclists about trail sharing and provide information on building legal trails
  • Encourage youth involvement.
  • Establish community trail networks with appropriate mapping and signage.
  • Gain support from other clubs, industry, shops, other trail users and land management groups.
  • Trail user education.
  • Keep the single track (single)
  • Trail sustainability